iStonsoft Image to PDF Converter Review

Even with the growing technology, you might feel helpless at times when you don’t have any reliable option of Image to PDF Convertor. So, to make things easy for you, we have a perfect professional software to covert thousand of files into PDF in a very effective manner. The tool is quite flexible, robust with easy to use desktop utility which helps in conversion of the documents.


What is iStonsoft Image to PDF Convertor?

iStonsoft Image to PDF Creator is a professional tool that escallate conversion of image files of JPG, GIF, TIFF,BMP and PNG format to Adobe PDF Format. One can collaborate a large number of images into one single document of PDF. Interestingly, you have the choice to convert around 500 images into PDF during one single process of conversion. There is no need of  Adobe Acrobat Reader and one can simply convert the images into a single PDF Document. It supports softwares of Windows 7/8/vista/XP and Mac OS X10.6-10.9. So convert Mulitple JPG Files to PDF with iStonsoft image to PDF Convertor.

Key Features

  1. A Generous and Succinct User interface

The tool is designed with quite simple and clean user interface. It hardly matters if you have any prior skills to make its usage clear. One without any knowledge can handle the software with ease and in an effective manner.

  1. Batch is what Convert Image and Graphics to PDF

The software exhibits high transcode technology and specialise in creation of files based on PDF. It has high quality speed when it comes to conversion of batch images or particular graphics.

  1. An Elegant and Super Reading Experience Guaranteed

The converted documents will exhibit high and eminent intelligibility of the original images. You will surely enjoy an elegant and super reading experience be it any device

  1. Flexibility with the Settings

The software helps you with saving the new files in the same folder as was the source one. Else you have the choice to save them save them in a well defined location. With its merging function, you can facilitate combination of images in one single PDF File.

Why go For iStonsoft Image to PDF Converter?

With the growing trend, PDF ebooks have become really demanding these days. This is something really occasional in day to day life. A single outing turns with thousands of pictures and memories. With iStonsoft Image to PDF Converter, you have the choice to compile few of the most beautiful ones and keep it as a PDF eBook for sharing with near and dear ones. We bet on the fact that you won’t be able to find any suitable PDF eBook over on internet. This makes it difficult to convert images. For the same reason, Image to PDF Converter works well and turns to be the best solution for the same.

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