4 thoughts on “What To Do Next If Your Google Adsense Account Disabled”

  1. Nice article came through klinkk. Every blogger’s dream is to have an Adsense account, majority of people rejected and if they got approved failed to make good earnings. The points you have mentioned are worth for many beginners and here are my few tips for those who want to desperate to get Adsense account.

    1 – unique articles with proper and simple human readable language.
    2- check the keyword density
    3- blog speed & score (on page optimization)
    4- atleast your blog must 6 months old.

    Affiliate marketing is a quickest way to make money, it depends on the niche and knowledge you have on the product… Over all making money online is not like a daytime job work for 9 to 5 hrs, need lot of patience and knowledge.

    1. There is only 1% chance to get your account back. If you believe that Google has disabled for wrong reasons, then you can contact them with ‘traffic stats’ at earliest. They will investigate the clicks and reactivate again if everything is genuine. If they don’t activate it there are other ways to monetize your site. Hope it helps. I wish you great success. 🙂

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